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The Importance of HIV Testing by Dr. Douglas Bennett

Earlier this month, an important milestone was passed. 38 years ago this month a new infection, ultimately recognized as HIV, was first observed in five young men from California. As of 2018, this illness had grown to be an epidemic of 33 million people worldwide. Since that time, enormous progress has been made in the both the treatment and prevention of this disease. Today a person diagnosed with HIV infection can live a normal life with normal life expectancy. However, too often people are not tested or treated, leading to the spread of HIV infections and medical complications of those with unrecognized or untreated HIV. In the United States there are an average of 38,000 new HIV infections every year. All of these infections are preventable.

Don't allow yourself or a loved one to become infected. If you are already infected with HIV, excellent and safe treatment is now available that can allow you to live a normal life.

Options include easy testing for HIV, safe medications to prevent infection, as well as safe and effective treatment for HIV. Importantly, patients undergoing treatment for HIV infection and who have no detectable virus in their blood cannot transmit the virus to others.

Most importantly get tested and know your HIV status. The life you might save could be yours or were someone you really care about.

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